SE CNC INTERNATIONAL Ltd. is pleased to announce the opening of a new regional Fanuc CNC Machine Tool Repair and Test Centre. This is strategically located in Sofia, Bulgaria to support the Balkan Peninsula and East Europe Region.

This is one of the first genuine dedicated independent Fanuc Repair Centres in the European mainland. It is an alternative to the manufacturer without the need to compromise on quality or reliability of Fanuc equipment.

The new company's aim is to provide large and small engineering companies with a source of Spare parts and maintenance which is not only unique and reliable but competitively priced.

All the engineers based in Sofia are highly trained in Fanuc CNC equipment and experienced professionals in the engineering field with extensive knowledge in Service and Repair over many years of Fanuc control systems, servo drives and spindle drive units.

Our engineers have worked with leading machine tool builders and detailed technical expertise of the most sophisticated CNC tools.

The Eastern European operation works closely alongside its UK counterpart Service Engineering CNC Limited .They have a proven track record providing a professional, dependable and friendly service for their customers, being established as a business for over 22 years, with the senior engineers having over 30 years experience each on Fanuc CNC Controls.

The senior engineers even today still continue to work daily on Fanuc controls and drives in the United Kingdom. They work from dedicated Fanuc Repair and Test Centre they have exceptional expertise on Fanuc CNC equipment.

We are trained to handle your CNC Machine tool problems directly from our New Fanuc Repair Centre in Sofia additionally, we offer other elecronic, electrical and mechanical support of CNC Machine Tools from our team of expetienced engineers.